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Continuous improvement is sustainable when curriculum and assessment work together.

Combing Curriculum and Assessment just makes sense

At eLumen we believe that curriculum lies at the heart of all academic systems and it is where real assessment starts. Through implementing a smart curriculum, institutions can define course attributes and information that can translate directly to assessment efforts. In eLumen course learning outcomes, academic programs and institutional objectives come to life by connecting automatically to data collection, assessment and strategic initiatives, thus becoming the most vital part of the academic operating system.

Curriculum Management

eLumen’s Curriculum functionality allows you to design multiple workflows for both course (standard, transfer, distance ed, career and technical) and program (rule-based, pathways). Each workflow allows you to determine which roles perform the functions required to complete each step of the process—and the system supports notification when steps are due. Dashboards and reports allow you to quickly prepare for curriculum review meetings as well as board reports and accreditation. Our support for multiple credit calculation rules, as well as multiple transfer curriculum mappings, makes eLumen’s Curriculum perfectly suited to institutions with even the most complex needs.

Course and Program Workflows

Flexible for multiple roles within an institution, and provides notifications.


Robust reporting tools create a clear picture of achievement

Complex Curriculum

Supports multiple credit calculation rules and multiple transfer curriculum mapping.

Key Features

Course & Program Workflows

Configurable and adaptable course and program workflows provide the flexibility to support any academic process and keep your curriculum information up to date and actionable.

Key Features

Constantly Updated

The constantly updated eLumen curriculum system can be automatically published into an Online Program and Course Catalog so that public facing curriculum information will always be up to date and relevant.

Key Features

Curriculum Map

The intuitive Curriculum Map can align course outcomes to program and institutional learning outcomes therefore helping track the students’ academic journey through your academic offerings.

eLumen Catalog

eLumen’s Catalog supports both traditional catalog presentation as well as district and state views of approved curriculum: there’s no need to maintain multiple portals for different presentations of your curriculum. With our role-based workflows and preview functionality, we make it easy to flow approved courses and programs for your academic calendar year into Catalog. Course and Program both support multiple presentation template designs, so that departments can manage their unique catalog needs (including which data elements from curriculum they want to present). Our catalog supports both Web and Mobile views, as well as workflow exports for print design tools such as Adobe InDesign. eLumen’s Curriculum and Catalog Module enables a truly collaborative, sustainable process for getting your courses and programs revised and approved and then published to your catalog.

Integrated Market Data

Enable students to make the best decisions based on real market data.

Role-Based Workflows

Enables staff to easily flow approved courses into a academic calendar.


Supports both full web and mobile enables easy access from any device.

Key Features

Integrated Data

Integrated labor market data helps students make informed decisions about courses and programs.

Key Features

Strategic Planning

Help align programs to market data through a comprehensive strategic planing and program review tool.

Key Features

Automatic Updates

Automatically updated labor market data means programs that can more dynamically reflect market changes and labor demands.

Outcomes Assessment

The most challenging aspect of academic assessment is collecting data. With eLumen, collecting data for assessment embeds seamlessly to the process of day to day teaching and learning. By being able to centrally manage assessment projects using flexible rubrics and collect evidence through multiple methods such as student uploads directly into the LMS, faculty uploads and student portfolios, assessment truly can become part of continuous improvement.

Central Management

Spend less time finding, aggregating and managing assessment data

Embedded in your LMS

Make use of what your institution already has, including action plans

Continuous Improvement

Integrating Assessment and Curriculum just makes sense.

Key Features

LMS Integrations

Deep integrations with the LMS facilitate the collection of data, and by using a variety of scales and rubric styles that can be easily aggregated eLumen upholds academic freedom while enabling crucial institutional reporting.

Key Features


Assessment is more than student evidence, eLumen can collect faculty reflections as well as student self-assessment data.

Key Features

Embedded Assessment

By embedding assessment to meaningful learning activities eLumen can focus on student academic performance and help deploy directed learning activities to help remediate learning gaps.

Program Review

Managing multiple accreditation and assessment projects can be a difficult task without the right tool. eLumen enables institutions with a system that integrates with the assessment collection processes and curriculum management system to provide unparalleled control and flexibility to carry out Program Review and Academic Planning processes. With eLumen program narratives are not only kept within the system but really drive the success of the organization.

Manage Multiple Projects

The right tool to manage multiple accreditation and assessment projects

Teams work Together

Integrated document library and role-based templates allow everyone to complete their part.

Planning Tools

Enable alignment of assessments, action plans, surveys and other activities to your cycles, giving clear views of progress, activity and next steps

Key Features

Robust Tracking

The Strategic Initiatives module empowers institutions with robust action progress and tracking reporting features that enables academic managers with tools to prioritize resources and allocate budgets accordingly.

Key Features

Assessment Data

Assessment data is automatically collected from the Assessment Module and directly connected to program and institutional goals through the curriculum system.

Key Features

Powerful Templates

Flexible and powerful templates for assessment can be deployed across schools and academic departments to streamline the review and planning processes.

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