eLumen Pathways with Badgr Pro

eLumen Pathways, powered by Badgr Pro, helps your institution design success from the start.

Make Assessment Meaningful.

Competency Based Education, Skills-Based Digital Credentials, Stackable Learning Pathways, Portable Learner
Records and More!

Simplified Alignment Between Curricula and In-Demand, Marketable Skills

Discover how eLumen and Badgr Pro can help your institution capture, organize, and share a student’s success internally and with future employers.

Stackable Credential Pathways

Customizable, stackable, and shareable credential pathways help put your students’ learning journey in perspective.

United Learning Outcomes with Skills

Connect your digital credentials and learning pathways with meaningful skills definitions that establish marketable currency for your awards and connect learning experiences with job opportunities.

LMS Integration

Save your faculty and staff time with automated badge awards directly from your LMS. Badgr supports integration with Moodle, D2L, Canvas, and Blackboard.


Help students visualize their learning journeys by awarding a wide range of learning activities

Award-level insights

Real-time analytics provide your team with powerful badge level insights, including verified mastery of competencies in program level pathways.

Automate Attainment Rules

Save time through curriculum mapping, attainment rules, and evidence collection set-up right in elumen and applied automatically through scoring.

Key Features

eLumen Pathways

Put your learner’s journey in perspective with customizable, stackable, and shareable credential pathways.

Key Features

Create Badges with data pulled directly from your eLumen outcomes

Badges will contain evidence and verification. The evidence is pulled directly from your program level outcomes mapped from the course level outcomes. The badge is verified during regular rubric scoring and the data is sent to the badge pathway in the background with no extra work. The badges are awarded depending on how the institution sets up the pathway. Students earn badges leading to a mastery badge in a skills pathway.

Key Features

Extended Transcript

Automate Attainment Rules through mapping, choose attainment rules, assign your badge.

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Simplify alignment between curricula and in-demand marketable skills.