eLumen Pathways

Students perform better when they understand their path.

Students are empowered by information

eLumen provides them with the best view into their academic development. With the Student Pathways module students are able to track their learning progress and plan their path through their academic programs. eLumen offers a detailed view of all their academic achievements, expected learning outcomes and provides a unique navigation tool on the road to their academic success.

Guided Student Pathways

For every student who says, “I want to be a…,” you should have a pathway, with specific steps to success. With eLumen Pathways, you can provide ed plans based on Course and Competency-Based Pathways, ePortfolio assessment and self-discovery, Badge Scorecards, and Extended Transcript—while engaging your students assessment-by-assessment through their journey. When they’re stuck? You can integrate student service delivery with our Directed Learning Activities. From Advisor to Faculty to Mentor, our Student Success Suite lets you engage your students like no other platform—and integrates seamlessly with your LMS and SIS to ensure continuous touchpoints and analytics are always available. With eLumen’s integration with Emsi, having integrated labor market data and comparable program data ready at-hand in your curriculum and assessment platform means keeping your programs aligned to a rapidly changing workforce and enables students to visualize their pathways to successful careers.

Powered By Information

Empower Students to make the best decisions and achieve academic success.

Education Planner

Enables students to test alternative programs and review market employment data.

Complex Curriculum

A digital record of competency for assessment and for students to share with employers


Help students visualize their learning journeys by awarding a wide range of learning activities

Extended Transcript

Empower your students with the information they need to stay on top of their academic progress

Directed Learning Activities (DLAs)

Help bring all your institutional resources to work in concert and help them succeed.

Key Features

Education Planner

Offering the students the flexibility to plot their academic journey helps them visualize the time it will take them to get to their degree destination and understand their program requirements better.

Key Features


The eLumen portfolio integrates seamlessly with assessment processes in students’ day to day learning activities making eportfolios an essential tool for formative and reflective learning opportunities.

Key Features

Extended Transcript

The extended transcript feature highlights how all the taken courses have contributed to the achievement of the program and it connects real in-course learning with badges and credentialing.

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