eLumen Professional Services and Data Services

The structure of eLumen Professional Services and Data Services is designed to address educational technology, strategic services, theory around curriculum, assessment management, and student pathways.

Professional Services

The eLumen Professional Service Catalog provides a list of the following service offerings:

Custom Services

eLumen is here to help reach your specific goals. Using our years of experience and knowledge in higher education across the globe, our education team offers services and technology solutions to help promote student success, improve programs and processes, and optimize learning resources.

Strategic Review: Transformational Readiness

Is your institution facing challenges in creating a culture of change and struggling with how to start? Educational innovation is not a series of passing fads but a push for purposeful change. eLumen educational consultants can help you evaluate your readiness for transformation change and develop a plan for working on strategic goals.

Continuous Improvement

In this engagement we will help guide your institution through integrated processes that result in meaningful data and more purposeful engagement to support alignment of goals, measures, methods, analysis, and actions. Student learning outcomes and specific program activities for the institution and the student are at the forefront of helping you always “close the loop” with eLumen.

Supporting Guided Pathways

Assisting the Guided Pathways model by implementing and designing a plan to use alongside the institution system while starting the process or mid development is how eLumen can help colleges ensure they guide students to degree completion and pathway success.

Health Check

Tailored to help you scrutinize specific aspects of how your institution is using eLumen, the culture of assessing academic performance, and to undertake forms of analysis. Whether it is a general checkup, or a more precise investigation into how things are working for your institution, eLumen is here to assist in solutioning best practices for your needs.

Adoption Management

Adoption Management occurs when a new system is introduced to an institution and a shift in campus culture begins to take shape. How processes were, how terminology was, what system characteristics were used, and functionality change will be evident. eLumen has a solution to assist faculty and staff in the change/adoption management process.

Strategic Academic Technology

Evaluation of existing and planned academic technology platforms/solutions, consulting on current strategies, planning/alignment with current academic solutions, and evaluation of potential overlap/gaps in existing and planned academic technology solutions to assist colleges/institutions in a strategy before adding additional solutions to their campuses.

Accreditation and Compliance

eLumen can help in establishing those sustainable accreditation best practices with trusted eLumen consultants who are able to walk you through guided practices to make assessment, program review, and curriculum mapping data sufficient and stable for accreditation and compliance.

Designing Quality Curriculum and Processes

Relevant to anyone who is creating/revising curriculum or evaluating the need for pathway creation this is the comprehensive and accessible roadmap to develop a solid foundation for teaching and learning.

Data Services

Increase your eLumen platform performance with Data and Post Implementation Service support.

Data Services

The team provides expert technology solutioning to help colleges/institutions meet their needs by delivering data and content offerings to support your needs while giving you the tools you need to achieve your goals. For more information, please contact us to discuss what Data and Post Implementation Services are available to your institution.

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All professional and strategic services are delivered by experienced practitioners. Services can be delivered on site at your premises, at other facilities, or remotely. Contact your eLumen representative to learn more about eLumen Professional Services.