eLumenation 2021

Adjust the Dial on Education – July 27th to 29th, 2021

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At eLumenation 2021, we will Adjust the Dial on Education through informational sessions, roundtable discussions, sharing of best practices through client presentations, and demonstrate new and exciting eLumen features.

eLumenation is an innovative and informative virtual space for institutions and staff interested in improving higher education facilities management, funding opportunities, micro-credentialling programs and student success strategies. eLumen provides solutions for everyone at your institution. Faculty do course curriculum mapping, staff can access relevant and up-to-date student data and students can more easily chart their educational pathways and find their way into the workforce.

Conference session highlights include:

online conference

Keynote Address

President of Santiago Canyon College, Dr. Robert Vela, will discuss the ever changing landscape of education, strategies employed by the college to improve student success, and Santiago Canyon College journey to achieving the prestigious Aspen Award for top community college in the United States. ….

Creating a college Program Review cycle that facilitates inclusiveness and completion for the entire college

Presenters: Kristen Rabe, Kimerbly Nickell, Richard McCrow (Bakersfield College)

The Truth of the Matter: A Roundtable Discussion on Culture of Assessment, Assessment Research Methods, and National Competencies and Standards

Presenters: Joe Sullivan (Marietta College) and Scott Hines (Palo Alto University)

Data and Dashboards: Clients helping clients to present relevant data to the community – Student Service setup, DE & Correspondence Education, Research and development

Presenters: Stephen Ebel, Wendy Weeks (Pima Community College), Briana Todhunter (Southwestern College), Aaron Voelcker ( Santiago Canyon College)

Presentations on eLumen new product features and our exciting roadmap!

Detailed schedule coming soon!

eLumenation 2021 will showcase new features, including collecting critical DEI Data through assessment, mapping for competency-based higher education, our new program builder, badging in higher education through elumen Pathways and Badgr Pro and automatic assessment and grade sharing from Canvas.

July 27th to 29th, 1:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Pacific time, each day.

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