Integrated Suite of Products

Real-world, student-centered progress – eLumen gives real insight into each students’ engagement and progress—while satisfying the growing demands of accreditation and other compliance mandates.

eLumen provides

Real Solutions to Your Strategic Problems

eLumen’s suite of fully integrated products and services for outcomes assessment, program review, curriculum management, digital catalog, and student ed planning remove data and workflow silos between departments. eLumen’s approach makes it far easier to execute strategic initiatives in a sustainable manner, while providing transparency to students so they can better understand their academic journey. eLumen’s Strategic Services bring decades of experience in maximizing the return on your technology investment and can bring real solutions to your challenges.

eLumen Connect

eLumen Connect is the first fully integrated Curriculum and Assessment Management System. Our system gives you real-time insights into student learning outcomes, curricular performance, and student services success. This begins…

eLumen Pathways

Students are empowered by information and eLumen provides them with the best view into their academic development. With the Student Pathways module students are able to track their learning progress…

eLumen Strategic Services

eLumen is a company built by college educators and administrators. We have a keen understanding of the challenges that institutions face and will bring real solutions to bear. Whether it…