eLumen Solutions

eLumen has a vision of continuous improvement within all institutions where students and educators have a full view of academic progress. Here’s how we get there.

Competency Based Education

Institutions who are using eLumen for Curriculum and Assessment Management already have a CBE platform.

  • Student-centered approach to designing and measuring learning outcomes and competencies
  • Ability to embed curriculum mapping at the heart of course and program curriculum
  • Leverage our Attainment Rules, Badge Scorecards, LMS integrations, Assessment Portfolios
  • eLumen is an active member of C-BEN and are on the higher ed advisory boards for IMS Global’s CBE-driven standards: CASE (Competency and Academic Standards Exchange) and CLR (Comprehensive Learner Record).

Guided Pathways

eLumen is a key partner to a number of Guided Pathways schools and we help them implement the Four Pillars in a variety of ways:

  • Clarify the Path: Backwards design curriculum against multiple workforce and accreditation standards to our ability to share Program Maps in our catalog.
  • Enter the Path: Real Time EMSI integration and Ed Planner enables students to enter a tailored pathway
  • Stay on the Path: Combining curriculum and assessment, curriculum mapping and course embedded assessment, provides support and intervention
  • Ensure Learning – Support for full lifecycle of Curriculum and Assessment management means students sustainably and continuously stay on pathways


No other vendor gives you the tools to make student success intentional and transparent—no matter where a learner begins their journey.

  • Co-Remedial models that get students into transfer or for-credit pathways from the onset.
  • Ability to design requisites based on shared, scaffolded learning outcomes.
  • Trigger Directed Learning Activities for students based on performance benchmarks (via LMS, LTI, or our Portfolio assessments)